Our Origin Story

Hello from The Original Sex Socks™ company Clap Cleats!
     Clap Cleats was created out of the desire to be the best at sex. Whether you are dating or in a monogamous relationship, it is crucial to feel and show that you are really good at your sex game. Potential partners in today's society have more options than ever. With that knowledge, people will look for someone that fulfills their emotional and sexual needs.
     This is essentially the conversation we had as founders of Clap Cleats. However, the first "hey - wait a minute" moment came after one of the co-founders rejoined the dating scene. He just went through a long-term relationship breakup. Putting himself back out there, he did what most people do, get back into shape. So while at the gym, in the process of doing 500lbs hip thrusts - jokingly, one co-founder said, "Damn, you gonna hip thrust your way into these dates' hearts?" The founder laughed and said, "I try, but I don't get enough traction to drive the way I really want to. It's not like I can keep my sneakers on during sex."
     That was it! That was the moment we decided to stop everything and create Clap Cleats LLC. After a few prototypes, we are confident to launch our first version, the Original, Clap Cleats v1.