Q1: What makes these socks special?

A1: Made primarily of bamboo, better for sweat than cotton. Unique five toe design will keep socks in place, prevent from bunching up for optimum grip and traction. Low profile ankle sock will look no different than common footwear

Q2: Why not get trampoline socks or hospital socks?

A2: We've worked in hospitals. We have nieces and nephews. Those cheap socks cannot even compare to our socks.  Those socks bunch up, those socks lose grip fast. They are not inconspicuous. Point blank, they are ugly and not as effective.  We have 3 different sized for a secure fit. Sleek design and great grip. Our socks will never bunch up.

Q3: How do you put the socks on?

A3: Big toe first, second big toe next, pinky toe third, and the other 2 will line up easily

Q4: Any special care or tips for the socks?

A4: Yes, it is recommended to tumble dry socks on low or air dry. If grip collects dirt or after multiple uses you feel they have lost some grip. Hand sanitizer or alcohol rub will instantly improve grip.  Every purchase comes with alcohol prep wipes as a courtesy to our customers

Q5: How can we contact you?

A5: Use our chat option on the bottom right of our website. If we don't get to you right away, we will email the address you leave in the chat as soon as we can.