Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! 💯real. Increased grip is needed in countless athletic activities. Why not have extra grip in the most important athletic activity you will do in a day?

What do all professional football, soccer, and baseball players wear on their feat when performing at the highest level? They wear cleats. The most athletic thing you should do (if you are not a pro athlete) is please your partner! So wear your damn cleats!

  • Clap Cleats are made of 70% bamboo, 27% polyester, & 3% spandex
  • Way better for sweat than cotton
  • Any silly grip sock on the market that comes remotely close to Clap Cleats stil are made of bulky cotton
  • Unique five toe design will keep socks in place,  will prevent from bunching up for optimum grip and traction
  • Low profile ankle sock will look no different than common footwear

We've worked in hospitals. We have nieces and nephews. Those cheap socks cannot even compare to our socks.  Those socks bunch up, those socks lose grip fast. They are not inconspicuous. Point blank, they are ugly and not effective.  We have 4 different sizes for a secure fit. Sleek design and great grip. Our socks will never bunch up.

Yes, it is recommended to tumble dry socks on low or air dry. If grip collects dirt or after multiple uses you feel they have lost some grip. Hand sanitizer or alcohol rub will instantly improve grip.  Every purchase comes with alcohol prep wipes as a courtesy to our customers

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