About Us

          We just want to help people bring out their (A) Game. We all know what it is like to want to impress our partner sexually, right? Everyone wants to hit the proverbial home run when having sex, especially the first time. And it's ok if we slip up on the first time, but we have to get it right on the second try.
          That is why we are thrilled to bring this product to market. We are thrilled to answer our customers' emails. We are thrilled knowing how many people have loved our product, sending images to us of them wearing the Clap Cleats and telling us, "You know what time it is!"
          But what we didn't see coming was how many people are buying the Clap Cleats for their partners. We love our healthy, hungry, and sexually active customers in great relationships. Customers who constantly want to please their partners! It means everything to us knowing we can contribute to literally thousands of people in such a short period since the founding of this company.                   As we continue to grow as a company, we want our community to grow. So tell us where you would like to build this community. What social platform would work best for you. Until then, we will keep making new versions and other great products to make clapping cheeks as great as can be!